January 2022 – December 2023

The objective is to increase the knowledge and skills of VET students enrolled in robotics -related VET-programs: – Being aware of robot related hazards and being able to identify and mitigate them – Understanding basic safety guidelines for robotic applications – Identifying key elements related to robot safety – Applying provisions of safety standards in different operations with robots (design and manufacturing, programming, maintenance, and machine communication) – Enhancing soft skills relevant to working life (e.g. problem solving, teamwork, presentation skills, English communication, time management) The adaption of VET education for the labour market needs is our driver. 10 VET -teachers from 4 European countries will work together in developing of four MicroChallenges related to safety in robotics: Get a grip! Test for succes! Play safe! and Better together! The MicroChallenges will be tested in collaborative challenges in transnational groups of students. In doing so, the involved teachers and students network and share their expertise and learn from each other. Companies are involved in the content design and in giving feedback. A Manual on how to run the MicroChallenges in safety in robotics is produced, making it possible for institutions and organisations outside the partnership to run these or similar MicroChallenges. Video tutorials and testimonials will help to grasp the content and the method. The adaption of VET education for the labourmarket and at the same time make VET an attractive choice to the young will be our aim in this project. 



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